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Club 9 BAR


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Carved out of the earth atop the Vagator Cliff, Club 9 Bar is the venue for epic parties. Originally run as an outdoor dance space, Club 9 Bar has recently built a completely sound-proof indoor nightclub to adhere to the stringent laws in Goa. Since its inception, this venue has largely showcased Goa's homegrown genre of trance, however, has now opened its doors to other genres of electronic music to cater to shifting trends. The outdoor terrace shuts down its music by 10 pm in accordance with Goa's laws, however, the indoor club allows the party to continue into the wee hours. With its strategic location on the cliff above Vagator Beach, Club 9 Bar offers one of Goa's most coveted sunset views, best enjoyed with a cocktail or two, or the homemade pizza! 


Timings: Season-Open 7 days/ week. 5 pm-Morning | Monsoon- Check our calendar for details.

Club 9 Bar is ideally located atop the Vagator Cliff, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, and one of Goa's top sunset spots. The nightclub boasts an impressive outdoor dance floor of more than 1100 square meters with a 3000 people capacity that operates till the sanctioned 10 pm time, and a smaller indoor venue (500 people) that is open until much later hours. The sound system here is state-of-the-art and offers crystal clear acoustics. The nightclub houses two bars with extensive cocktail menus and a range of liquors, and a restaurant that serves up everything from Pizzas to Indian  food. 


Club 9 Bar has acquired a legendary status for psy-trance nights, Goa's popular musical exports, showcasing the genres most revered DJs. 

With the changing time and tastes, however, 9 Bar has also begun to cater to other genres, with a Techno night hosted weekly by the Liquid Sky crew and various other acts that feature sounds across the electronic music genres. Club 9 Bar also regularly features internationally reputed artists and DJs. STAY TUNED TO THE WUG PARTY CALENDAR FOR SPECIAL EVENTS @ CLUB 9 BAR!   


Goa's legendary party venue

Opened in 1976, Club 9 Bar is one Goa's first nightclubs, and inarguably one of the area's most iconic. Over the years, the venue has expanded over time, shape- shifting and morphing practically every year. 
Conceived, owned and run entirely by Ramdas, a Goan native who has always been involved in some way in Goa's entertainment industry, Club 9 Bar has been built for pure entertainment, a place where good music and people from across the globe can come together and have a good time.
Once the epicentre of trance, Club 9 Bar has adjusted to the changing Goan musicscape over the years. With its regular facelifts and pandering to changing music trends, Club 9 Bar continues to be relevant and revered in Goa's nightlife scene of today.


  • One of Goa's legendary party venues
  • Open 7 days/ week!
  • Indoor nightclub for late night parties floors!
  • All genres of electronic music
  • One of the top sunset spot in Goa!
  • Homemade pizza for hungry party people




Club 9 Bar
Ozran Beach
Goa 403 509



Ramdas Dabholkar


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