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Mustard is an endeavour to bring Bengali and French cuisine together in one place. A fine dining expereince in the vibrant Anjuna neighborhood, this new restaurant brings authentic Bengali delicacies for the first time to Goa! Mustard is proving this adage every step of the way as it throws its doors open once more, in a revamped avatar that has stayed true to its roots. The fine Bengali and French preparations bound by the zest of the mustard seed is set to enthral patrons once again, as it has all these years

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At Mustard, two cuisines that are seemingly very disparate -- Bengali and French -- thrive alongside each other. The concept that brings these two cuisines under the same roof is mustard, a condiment used liberally in both French and Bengali kitchens. A fine dining experience in a culturally enriched neighbourhood, this is a beautifully designed new garden restaurant.

Neslted in an open-air space on the Anjuna-Mapusa road, the place is a visual delight with diverse flora adorning a lush landscape. Wicker and metal furniture in white and teal accentuate the setting.

The charming décor at Mustard is a manifestation of Punam’s aesthetic eye, with a refined appreciation for beauty and detail. Set in a refurbished Portuguese villa, the interiors are a captivating Portuguese chic with the floral accents of Laura Ashley, made all the more alluring by the antique furniture dotted throughout the space. Vintage paintings from Calcutta and the muted pastel tones gracing the walls render the space with an air of subtle sophistication.

The bar area is decked with tastefully hand-painted Portuguese tiles while the outdoor section works wonderfully for an alfresco garden meal nestled amidst the foliage. Sharing the space are three boutique lifestyle stores - Ellementary, Shades of India and Post Box. Their trendy offerings fall perfectly in line with an impromptu shopping spree between courses!

Mustard hosts weekly live music and entertainment featuring country classics, vintage songs from the 20s to the 80s every Wednesday and Saturday.

The venue is available for hosting private gatherings and special events. Mustard additionally provides catering services on request. Enquire here>>


The food and cocktails, curated as they are by a panel of experts with years of experience in the culinary world are a work of art. For Chef Gregory Bazire who has woven his magic with the French menu, gastronomy is a way of life and one that his family has kept alive since 1927 with their restaurant in Normandy. Bazire’s curation has led to a French menu that is replete with the rich Normandy legacy of delicate seafood, fresh game, robust farm-raised meats and mature apple ciders.

The Bengali touch has been provided by the loving curation of Pritha Sen, a Bengali home chef and food historian whose forte is the regional foods of eastern India with a focus on Undivided Bengal. Showcasing Bengal’s extensive vegetarian repertoire along with its fish and meat delicacies, Pritha has worked with vegetables, edible leaves, seeds, stems and stalks to uphold the region’s healthy, earth-friendly zero-waste legacy.

The food menu comes decked with an assortment of small plates and large. French meets Bengali without either overpowering the other, be it through the flavours, colours or freshness of ingredients. The Vol-Au-Vent de Légumes, a pastry so light, it literally means “windblown” in French, is a flaky hollow case puff pastry filled with a profusion of the freshest vegetables, cooked to perfection. The Rui Maacher French Korma is a throwback to Bengal’s lip-smacking past, a flavourful and fragrant rohu fish korma that bawarchis in zamindari kitchens whipped in a bid to not be outdone by French chefs. The Poisson du Marche Cuit en Croute de Sel will bring a melange of French coastal flavours to your palate. This preparation shows off nuanced flavours and textures, featuring the catch of the day crusted with salt and baked, finally being served with a virgin sauce based in tomatoes and zucchini tagliatelle. The Palong Chhanar Kofta is as rich in history as it is in flavour. An offering first put together by the Suruchi Canteen and Catering started by the legendary All Bengal’s Women’s Union, this delight comes with cottage cheese encased in spinach, rolled into koftas and served in a coconut-milk gravy.

MENU 2020

As the name suggests, the mustard seed is the inspiration behind this eponymous restaurant. The focal point of the recipes, the use of this ingredient in a plethora of ways, be it for flavour or as a garnish has made for a rare experience in gourmet dining. Mustard is very clear on the fact that their cuisine is not a fusion of French and Bengali. They haven’t wavered from their commitment of laying traditional stories from the rich cuisines of Bengal and France on your table, without melding the flavours of these two cuisines. What you will find is thoughtfully curated recipes that state their legacies on your plate.

Click on thumbnails to brwose through an expansive menu of Bengali and French cuisine.


The cocktail selection is a labour of love by mixologist Evgenya Prazdnik who has shaken and stirred her way across the world for 14 years. Treat yourself to classics served with a twist along with delightfully quirky innovations such as the Bees and Flowers, bee pollen infused gin blended with a dash of lemon, the silky sweetness of acacia honey topped with a frothy chamomile foam, bringing the scents and freshness of a meadow to your palate. Desserts are usually had at the end of the meal but this signature libation aptly named Mishti Doi is inspired by the iconic Bengali confection and goes well with just about any part of the meal. Sip on this concoction of brandy, rich, creamy yoghurt, jaggery and sugar balls cut through with the bite of aromatic bitters for cocktail experience in a league of its own. The Mustard Mary, on the other hand, is a fiery libation of chilli vodka combined with a secret mix of spices and kasundi chutney elevated to a whole new level by the tang of lemon and homemade tomato juice.

Neither the Bengalis nor the French can do without their confections and Mustard does both these cuisines justice with their dessert selection. The Bhapa Doi is an iteration of the classic Mishti Doi- rich, creamy caramelised yoghurt but in a steamed form. For a slice of France, try the Creme Brulee a la Vanilla du Kerala - an indulgent custard topped with burnt sugar imbued with the flavours and aroma of vanilla procured from Kerala’s spice gardens.


Shop from their delicious range of artisanal breads and mustard-based sauces.


Mustard is the brainchild of Shilpa Sharma and Poonam Singh, who have, over a few decades of dedication, forged identities as distinct as the flavour they have named their maiden F&B venture after. Bringing their experiences along from their successful careers in retail and hospitality, Shilpa and Poonam have channeled their shared passion for food by conceptualising Mustard, a restaurant that will introduce a new flavour to savour in Goa!

This is just the beginning of regional specialty restaurants across the country, with mustard being the center of attention! 



  • Authentic Bengali cuisine
  • French menu
  • Garden restaurant
  • Backyard greens & vegetables




Anjuna-Mapusa road
Mazal Waddo
Goa 403 509



Poonam Singh | Shilpa Sharma


12:00 - 15:00 & 19:00 - 23:00

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