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iGOA is a leading Turkish Digital Marketing & Design agency with offices in Istanbul and Goa. The agency provides cutting-edge solutions in the areas of Digital Marketing, Website Design and Application Programming as well as Social Media Marketing. iGOA, which comprises a team of over 30 skilled experts spread over their two global offices, was created with a mindset based in connecting people from the whole world to work together in a totally different environment, providing offices in exotic places, and encouraging employees to be as nomad as possible. iGOA has won numerous awards for achievements made in Digital Marketing and Website Design.



The iGOA office in Goa is located in the popular Anjuna township, conveniently set adjacent to the grounds of the weekly flea market and a short walk from the beach. Housed in a refurbished Portuguese bungalow with a charming garden, the office doubles as a residence for visiting iGOA team members, who are additionally supported by cooks and household staff to ensure complete comfort. 

The Goa office is where most of the production work is managed.



iGOA currently has two global offices, one is in the paradise of Goa and the other in the trendy, cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. Generally, the production work is managed at the Goa office and all project management work in Istanbul. However, iGOA team members are given the opportunity to choose where they want to live and the agency provides everything for their care, including a house to live in, transport and air fares to their hometowns.


iGOA has been founded of a vision to connect people from across the globe to work together in a completely unique environment. They fulfil this objective by providing offices in exotic places and encouraging their employees to be as nomadic as possible.

By learning about the country they are based in as well as the culture of the people who join their team, the iGOA vision is purely global- to spread their brand to other destinations in the world, have the opportunity to work with the best talent worldwide and to create the best team, and become the first nomadic agency!



  • Founded by Ozan Coşkun & Muzaffer Malkoç in 2007, iGOA is a digital marketing agency that believes talented interactive marketing professionals need not be bound to a confined corporate existence and big cities. When iGOA was first established, they immediately realized that they did not want to be limited to one office, one city and one market. With this in mind, the agency has created a system that allows them to operate out of offices across the world as well as set up camps in locations where they do not have offices.
  • The iGOA mission is to do work they love and to constantly strive to disover new methods of doing that work better. They do not abide by the corporate credo of money being the measure of success. "Our story starts when we understand that everything is possible,"  says co-founder Ozan Coşkun.


  • - Crystal Apple: Best Corporate Website
  • - Golden Spider: Best Microsite
  • - Webby: Finalist
  • - FWA: Site of the Day
  • For more on iGOA awards, click here>> 


  • Global Digital Marketing & Design Agency
  • Offices in Istanbul & Goa
  • Team of over 30 global experts
  • Goa office located by Anjuna Flea Market
  • Provides solutions in  Digital Marketing, Website Design, Application Programming & Social Media Marketing


  • iGOA (Goa):
  • House no. 71/10,
  • Flea Market - Nr.Laurenco Pizza,
  • St. Micheal Vaddo,Dando,
  • Anjuna Bardez - Goa, 403509  
  • Manager: Mahesh Naik 
  • (O)  +91 832 227 33 60 
  • eMAIL HERE>>


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