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DesmondJi is a Goan brand of agave based spirits, liquers and cocktail blends. Whether a night out with friends, a social gathering with family, an afterwork sit down with colleagues or just having a drink, DesmondJi's line of alco-beverages are ideal for any accasion. Made in India, using Indian agave plants which grow in the rich volcanic soils of the Deccan Plateau. DesmondJi is India's answer to Tequila! *Tequila® is a Mexican Agave Spirit & is a Geographical Indication owned by the Govt. of Mexico


DesmondJi is a Goan brand of spirits, liqueurs and cocktail blends made from distilled agave. Being the only significant agave based spirits brand that does not carry a 'Made in Mexico' tag, DesmondJi is home-grown; of international standards in every aspect - distilling, bottling and labelling.

The portfolio of alco-beverages from DesmondJi are aimed at spirit-connoisseurs who appreciate a good drink.  Enjoyed as a shot, sip as is or as a mixture, DesmondJi's signature line is designed for any social occasion!


100% Agave | 50% Agave
These uber-refined and smooth agave spirits, distilled in small batch pot-stills, are the top of the line of DesmondJi Spirits. The agave plants are grown in the red and black volcanic soils of India's Deccan Plateau and nourished in a semi-arid micro-climate similar to that of Central America.

51% Agave Oak Finish
Made from blue-green agave that has matured for at least 8 years in the Deccan Plateau and carefully distilled in artisanal, small batch pot-stills, this refined spirit lounges awhile with charred oak to yield a warm and mellow accomplice.

Pure Cane
Made in artisanal Brazilian CachaÇa-style, this refined and smooth, 100% pure sugarcane spirit is distilled in small batch pot-stills made from specially selected sugarcane species growing in India's Deccan Plateau.

Margarita | Blue Margaraita
A ready to serve alcoholic blends ideal to make Margarita cocktails of your choice.

Orange Liquer | Blue Curaçao
A smooth blend of premium Indian grain spirits, pure sugars crystalised from India's lush sugarcane fields, and the natural essential oils of renowned sun-kissed oranges from the Nagpur region of India, with a gentle hint of bitter.


Agave India is the brainchild of Desmond Nazareth. The Goan company produces the spirits and liqueurs under the brandname DesmondJi.

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture in the alcohol and beverage business, Desmond was invoilved in the development of pioneering softwares in the USA. During his stay there, he had grown a liking for the Margarita. When he moved back to India in 2000, he realised the lack of options for spirit aficionados in the country; especially for Margarita.  He then went on to conceptualise Agave India. While personally researching and supervising all aspects of manufacturing spirits and liquers, he found a treasure in agave plants which grow in red and black volcanic soils of the Deccan Plateau.

As on today, Desmond is a proud man having acheived goals of his project - producing high quality and affordable spirits, liqueurs and cocktail blends under Agave India's signature line DesmondJi!


  • India's answer to Tequila
  • Goan made Agave spirits
  • 100% agave, 50% agave
  • Orange liquers
  • Margarita blends



Corporate Office:
F-4/2, 2nd Floor
Chamunda Residency
Mitra Bazar, Caranzalem
Goa 403002


+91 89751 98353



- Solar Power in the plant for lighting and heating
- Fibre fuel from Agave waste
- Zero discharge plant
- Plant away from ecologically sensitive areas
- Preferential hiring of local community labour

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