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Tea n Tonic is a creative public relations and communication agency based in North Goa. While the company was founded in 2013, they bring with them, about twenty years of experince in the PR industry.


Whatever it is you want to shout about – and whatever it takes to make yourself stand out  - they can help you do it. What's more, they'll do it with you, not just for you.

PR & Consultancy
Redefining the role of Public Relation by pushing boundaries. They help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with your target audience.

Media Relations
Be it print, radio, digital or social media they help communicate newsworthy stories via local or national platforms.

Marketing & Digital PR
They help you maintain a young energetic and responsive human face to your brand by creating the right buzz at the right time in the right place with their unique marketing strategies.

E Mail Marketing & Social Networking
Take advantage of their ever-growing database to provide the needed boost for your business. They help communicate your message to their collectives

Social Media
They help you shout out loud on all social media platforms to spread the right message about you to your desired target audience.

Events, Promotions & Music Programming
Whether it is launching your brand, creating awareness for your event, pop up, festival or organising a regular music night, they have the right tools to plan and promote your next big shindig.

Graphic Design
They are a one stop shop for all your visual needs offering you thoughtful approach to graphic designing and artwork production. They create designs that speak out

Content Writing
They help you create the right content to transform your business and optimize your digital brand presence whether it be for a simple media release to brochures or a full website. They help you get your message across!

Visual Media
For that bigger impact, they shoot and edit videos whether it be for a short promotional film or a full corporate video.


Anuradha Visvanathan: CEO / Founder
Anuradha started working in PR in London in 1997 for clients including Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Smollensky’s on the Strand (hotel), China Whites & Saint (night club) and Tiger Lils (restaurant). She went on to launch the second largest domain registry in the UK which is dot UK dot com (Central Nic). She later worked for Haymarket Publishing in their Marketing & Circulation department, further to this she helps run an animal rescue NGO called Animal Farm in Pune.

The undisputed ruler of the Public Relations realm, Anu Visvanathan spent most of her life between India and the UK. Although an avid fan of classic literature, when the sun goes down, she rapidly dons her signature heels and bling, transforming instantaneously into the life of every party.

But you wouldn’t want to get on this firebrand’s wrong side; fuelled by her OCD, a single toothpick out of place could well set the entire office ablaze. But as any great queen, she treats her loyal subjects with generosity and kindness (not to mention copious amounts of pizza!). To add to this her genuine love for animals and people alike, Anu Visvanathan may not be the hero we all deserve, but one that we all definitely need.

Pooja Chitnis: Head of Marketing & PR
Pooja holds a Post Graduate and an M.B.A in Marketing, Operations and HR from ICFAI University, India. Apart from that she also has a post graduate in International Business Management from Seneca, Canada.  With her crazy creative ideas, doodles and an eye for detail she is the backbone of the office in times of need.  The Bosses Mini Me she insures that TNT is explosive and runs like a well-oiled machine. Her passion for the field of Online Marketing and Communications along with her interest in Event Management is what led her to join the Tea N Tonic team.

Marilyn Pinto: PR & Marketing Manager
The go to girl in the office who keeps everyone on their toes!  She had been in PR & Marketing for the last two years after completing her MA in International Studies from Goa University.  A true South Goan that knows all the hideouts, eateries and a total desert queen, always ready with a recommendation. She truly believes that charity begins at home and looks after many strays in her area and has brought them home…. and boy are they all spoilt. Her interests in departmental event management in college is what led her to believing that PR was her calling.

Charmaine Fernandes: Assistant Social Media Executive
Don’t let her silence lead you to believe that she doesn’t have something up her sleeve. A microbiologist by college and her alter ego, the PR Executive.  Her curiosity, didn’t kill this cat as she decided to step into this field as the team’s new kid on the block.  Her one true love is…. SAUCE and not just any sauce its Maggi Hot & Sweet. The aggregator at Tea n Tonic she is a collective all by herself.

Nikhil Franco: Graphic Designer
The office DJ, Karaoke King, resident model and all-round hunk keeps everyone’s foot tapping and provides just the right amount of testosterone to ensure that all the women don’t turn into drama queens. Having lived in Bombay and Goa gives him just the right electric view to design in any format.  A man of many talents and he has recently added hula hooping to his repertoire … when no one is watching!

Agnel Fernandes: Office Assistant
The go to guy for anything you need.  The speed racer, chatterbox and Mr. Fix it that keeps the engine of the office ticking over.  Always ready with a smile, a Bollywood song and never a harsh word he is the Timon of Tea n Tonic.

The sweetheart of the office and always ready to greet anyone with her stumpy tail.  Caramel loves to be hugged and petted and is often found relaxing on the stairs watching the world go by.


    • Public Relations & Consultancy
    • Media Relations.
    • Marketing
    • Digital & E Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Branding
    • Events, Music Programming & Promotion
    • Content Management
    • Graphic Design & Visual Management




L3 Bird’s Eye
Home In The Woods
Off Kadamba Depot Road
Goa 403 521


+91 832 241 2636
+91 83088 03103
+91 80870 55102

Anuradha Vishvanathan

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00


Sunder Aaron, Partner, Chicken Man
“Tea n Tonic is the perfect name for this terrific team. They are superb allies in a highly competitive marketplace, and truly “plug” the gaps in the marketing and promotions requirements of your business. Tea n Tonic have been essential to getting our business off and running, especially since our own in-house marketing and PR resources are limited. I highly recommend working with them, especially since in this day and age, it’s very rare to get a group of people on your side that have such a “can do” and persistent approach to getting it done for your business. They may be a small team, but they are tight and tough in their approach, like a group of PR and marketing commandos."

Jassin Chattaram, Partner, Pizza Mia
"We have worked with Tea N Tonic right from the get go. Anuradha & her team has provided us with great service and has dealt with all our PR & Marketing needs. Always coming up with unique and fresh ideas. Tea N Tonic really is a one stop shop!"

Mona Nalovalia, Owner, Mona's Pantry
"So happy to have hooked up with Anuradha and her team @ tea n tonic who have helped me a ton in getting me known in and around GOA. The difference from my first season to the second has been tremendous. Word has got out and my clientèle has increased. More importantly they've taken a weight off my shoulders...a job I couldn't have done with my busy schedule. Thanks guys!!!!!"

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