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Tarini is a chic, design-led home furnishing and decor label based in New Delhi. With the introduction of Tarini's second boutique, a lifestyle destination of sorts, you can now shop from a selection of handcrafted textiles for your home! "Each of us leaves a print on this earth" - Shashi Sehgal & Sonia Lall, Founders - Tarini


Tarini's boutique in Goa is cradled within a heritage area in the charming neighbourhood of Campal. Past tree-lined streets, a glass-walled facade ushers you into an inviting airy store. Browse the attractive space on your own, which offers a homely atmosphere, and let the knowledgeable team guide your shopping experience.

Give your home a new look, courtesy a range of handcrafted collections of home linen - for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces, and lines of interesting accessories. Choose from their traditional designs featuring nature and motifs, with contemporary interpretations.

Over the years, Tarini's exclusive, fluid designs and prints have found a loyal fan following around the globe!


Tarini's eclectic boutique houses an entire range of timeless designs inpired by nature - flowers, plants, birds; and cultural symbols.

Shop for quilts, durries, and bed, pillow and cushion covers. Dinner mats, runners, tablecloths and napkin sets too. Wooden artifacts, pottery products and handmade ceramics are also part of the extensive collections.

Each collection follows a certain pattern and evokes a distinct rhythm. These quirky themes include Avishkar Country Roads, Motiya Mustard Field, Motiya Salmon, Calicut Denim, Izmir Eucalyptus, Pyara Hurricane, Elsewhere Goa, Shabbiri Mud, Persian Paisley Tanisque, Moor Gold, Lodhi Spring Bud, Phulka Mint Leaf, Tana Bana Golden, and Khandala Grape Juice among others.


Tarini is delighted to showcase a new collection designed specifically for Goa. In celebration of the tropical summer vibe, the clothing line in breathable and soft voile fabric makes for pleasant outfits to traverse Goa's sunny shores and its humid climate. Expect a range of casual comfort wear featuring their signature nature-inspired motifs on muted colors and pastel shades. Choose from among shirts, shorts, tops, dresses and more!


Celebrations galore! Shop for your own home or introduce your friends and relatives to the world of Tarini. Elevate your festive season shopping and gifting tradition, as you turn to this reputed brand of home furnishings 'crafted from the heart'.

Head to Tarini, and indulge in an elaborate Winter collection for the festive season, designed to stimulate a jolly mood. Be it a backyard picnic setting, a private gazebo lounge, a potluck, some new furniture, or a full-fledged refurbishment, their vibrant collections will aid your annual decorations and celebrations.


Tarini's journey began in 1993, as the retail extension of Mariko, a design firm and export house of fine, handcrafted textiles. Shashi Sehgal, its brainchild, has been instrumental in pioneering an in-house design and production of seasonal collections since its inception. Starting a career in another Delhi-based export house, Sehgal, being a natural, learnt the naunces of the trade. She is now one of the leading entrepreneurs in India's textile industry. You can adorn your home with Tarini's collections that feature her exclusive designs.

Sonia Lall brings her immense experience of over three decades in the retail industry, to Tarini. A warm and lively person, she maintains an energetic vibe in the workplace, and encourages a healthy lifestyle among the workforce. Being a photographer, Lall contributes to the brand aesthetics with her images and visual merchandising skills. She makes sure to present a certain look and feel in the stores worthy to showcase Tarini's wonderful products.

Tarini arrived on Goan shores in the season of 2016, and aims to expand with several boutiques across the country.


  • Handcrafted products
  • Design-led lifestyle label
  • Home decor, and furnishing
  • Bed, kitchen linen
  • Part of an export house




153, Campal
Behind Directorate of Health Services
Goa 403 001



Shashi Sehgal | Sonia Lall

Lia Rodrigues
Goa team

Shweta Mathur
Customer Care



10:00 - 20:00


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