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Goa Magic


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Goa Magic is one of Goa’s most popular fashion labels, featuring collections of the brand’s original designs that are produced in Goa and created of fabrics sourced from across the globe. Launched in Goa in 1993 with a vision of “dressing up the world in Goa Magic," the designs encompass everything from beachwear to sexy party-attire, shoes, bikinis and special feather jewellery. Goa Magic has a boutique in in Anjuna and kiosk at the Saturday Night Market and Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market . Goa Magic collections are additionally available wholesale.


  • Designs reflect Goa's distinctive fashion style
  • Created of fabrics sourced from across globe
  • Accessories, shoes, party & beach- wear.
  • Produced in Goa, available wholesale
  • One of Goa's most recognizable brands



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