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Indian Project

in Anjuna

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Indian Project was conceived in Goa in 2003 and is one of the most established brands here. Their signature cargo shorts are as popular with Goa's global residents and tourists, as jeans are with Texans! Their range of products, including jackets, vests and bags, all carry the definitive Indian Project design, artfully blending style with functionality. New to the offering, is the women's collection, incorporating the signature Indian Project style in everyday women's attire, from very short shorts to mini skirt and t's. 


Market Kiosks: Indian Project has its humble beginnings with permanent kiosks at the Anjuna Market and later at the Saturday Night Market. 
Boutiques: In 2011, the brand opened their flagship boutique in Anjuna, at the heavily trafficked Orchard Supermarket junction. Over the monsoon of 2013, the brand opened their second outlet in Anjuna, in another prominent location, by Curlies. 

International Festivals: Internationally, Indian Project now supplies to various independent boutiques in the U.S and Europe and may found at some of Europe's largest festivals. 

Online Boutique: The brand additionally sells their products through an online boutique. 


Indian Project's signature line is their range of unisex cargo shorts, fashioned in a manner that blends the staple Indian "alibaba" style with that of  cargo zipper pockets, all constructed with durable high quality cargo-cotton fabric. This design style carries over to their other product lines as well, from t-shirts, hooded jackets and vests to bags of various sizes. The unisex collection additionally carries more modern streamlined as well as popular baggy designs. What sets this brand from all others in their class, is the quality finishing, durable fabrics and attention to detail.

After much demand, Indian Project has recently launched a women's collection, carrying over their slick functional aesthetics to everyday women's apparel. Select from short-shorts, skirts and mini-skirts, all replete with the Indian Project signature cargo style with thick zippers and durable fabrics. The newest offering in this line are created of stretched cargo fabric, to allow the clothes to fit seamlessly on any body shape. 


Born in 2003 in Goa, Indian Project is conceived, designed and managed entirely by the dynamic duo, Nadia Zeuf and Cyril. The Indian Project-Free Concept label quickly became one of the most popular (and widely worn) brands in Goa soon after it was established. The brand became so popular among the resident foreigners in Goa, that the team was quickly propelled to extend their market globally by hosting kiosks in music festivals around Europe and is now a well known internationally in the global trance traveler scene. 


Indian Project presents a global line of apparel from trousers, shorts to jackets t's, as well as accessories for both men and women, blending urban aesthetics with functionality ideal for traveling. The designs largely play with the "cargo" colors of beige, military green and khaki. However, the brand has recently begun incorporating elements of bright colors in their clothes and accessories as featured details of particular pieces. The designer duo are continually in search to further their quality and creativity, seeking influences as well collecting fabrics and finishings from travels across the globe. 


  • Alternative Traveler's Clothing
  • Cargo Pants, Shorts, Hoodies
  • T-shirts, bags & accessories
  • Signature sarouel cargo shorts!
  • Fashion & functionality
  • Durable fabric, quality finishing
  • New Women's Collection


  • Indian Project Flagship Boutique (Open: Nov- Apr)
  • Opposite St. Joseph's Church
  • Orchard Supermarket Junction
  • Alternative Traveler's Area (Open: ALL Year)
  • Indian Project & Plazma Lab Boutique
  • Opposite Cafe Delish
  • Road to Curlies, So. Anjuna Beach
  • - Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market, Anjuna. Click Here>> 
  • - Saturday Night Market, Arpora. Click Here>>
  • Contact: Nadia (M: 0954095413)
  • Connect with Nadia Indian Project on Facebook>>


Please visit the new Indian Project Online Boutique. Website>>



Indian Project can be found in many of the world's popular trance festivals. Please connect with the brand directly to see if they will be traveling to a city near you!

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