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CocoRoots takes its inspiration from nature, "the greatest source of creativity" using natural products such as bone, horn, shell, wood and of course, coconut. What was conceived in 1996 with "roots" planted in Goa, is now one Goa's most recognized jewellery brand. Gali & Tony, the visionaries behind the brand, are continually criss-crossing the world in search of new and exotic natural materials, designs & styles, drawing inspirations from the people & cultures they meet along the way. The CocoRoots vision is to create the highest quality products made from natural materials, wherein each piece of jewellery is unique...and special, all offered at competitive prices so their creations, and nature's beauty, may be accessible to all.


CocoRoots comprises husband and wife team Gali and Tony.

The story begins in 1995 when the couple first met in the mountains of Vashist. At the time, Tony was creating jewellery of Silver and Turquoise. The couple decided to begin a new chapter together with a clean slate, without any prior history and one inspired by their travels through India and around the world. After years of traveling, the couple decided to lay their "roots" in Goa, attracted by the unique cosmopolitan culture of its nomadic global residents. 

With the roots firmly set, CocoRoots was born, focusing on natural materials and hand-made productions and reflecting the tribal, nomadic culture of Goa’s global residents that is still in existence today.

At the time, Cocoroots was the first of its kind in Goa. Other than the commonplace mixing bowls made of coconuts, no other jewellery makers were creating designs made of natural, organic products in Goa.

The couple create their designs as they journey across the globe in search of new materials and inspirations from the people and culture they meet along the way; sourcing coconuts from Brazil, shells from Java, etc.

The business is a family one, with their two daughters, Yasmin (8) and Kamil (5), chipping in and learning the craft.  Yasmin has already circled the globe once and Kamil will complete her first round this summer, both following their parents on their inspiring journeys.


  • All CocoRoots products are designed to be worn comfortably, without causing any discomfort or pain. Most of the coconut, wood, horn and bone earrings carry a small handmade polished post that will pass through a regular size ear ring hole.
  • Care is required with expanders and plugs, the hole in the ear needs to meet the required size of the expander or plug.


  • On the right, the images showcase CocoRoots EARRINGS collections. Each piece is hand-made and unique. 
  • Please visit their website for more details (click here)


  • The collections are hand-made by skilfully trained artisans from around the world using natural products such as horn, bone, shell, coconut , wood and their signature material “shiva eyes” (that resides in the mouth of a conk shell).
  • The couple import all their products, collecting new and innovative materials as they travel across the globe, so their products remain exciting and novel even to the Indian market.
  • Great attention and care is taken to conduct their business with ethics and respect to the cultures and environments, while working in balance & harmony with nature.


  • The images on the right showcase the CocoRoots NECKLACES, BRACELETS & PAINTED HAIR-STICKS. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand and is unique. 
  • For more details, please refer to their website. (Click here)


  • COCONUT:  CocoRoots jewellery employs different types of coconuts in varying shapes, colours and sizes, utilising every piece and ensuring that nothing is wasted to “not unbalancing the harmony of nature” .
  • The rings and ear rings are mainly made from 4 different types of coconut palm oil nuts: patti, dende, piassava and licuri. Where each of the palm oil nuts colour variation relates to the stage of development at the time that the coconut was hand picked.
  • HORN: Usually black but can also be translucent grey with an orange or greenish tint, the horns polish to a shiny finish and are strong and durable.No animal is ever harmed and the horn is regarded as a by- product of this animals domestic capacity.
  • BONE: White or cream coloured with a similar finish to horn, however with a tendency to be slightly more brittle though still strong. Again no animal has been harmed to obtain the material, and the bone is regarded as a by-product of this animals domestic capacity.


  • The images on the right are a selection of rings from the CocoRoots collection. Each piece is hand-made and unique.
  • For more information, please visit their official website (click here)


  • One of Goa's iconic jewellery brands
  • Created with roots in Goa
  • Natural materials: wood, stone, shell, bone...
  • Materials imported from travels across world
  • Inspired by people & cultures across globe
  • Ethical business practices








GALLERY: Cocoroots has a gallery where guests are invited to view and purchase their jewellery.
MARKET KIOSKS: They have kiosks at the Wednesday Flea Market in Anjuna (click here) and Saturday Night Market in Arpora (click here).
OTHER BOUTIQUES: Cocoroots jewellery can be found in Artjuna (click here), Ojemine (click here), La Muella (click here) & Baba au Rhum (click here).

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