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Cosmos Tribe

Anjuna Flea Market & Saturday Night Market

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Cosmos Tribe is one of Goa's most recognizable brands, catering to both men and women. Their unique collections reflect Goa's own difinitive style, blending street, bohemian and rock'n'roll influences. Their fabrics and designs are innovative and their cool embelishments use recycled materials. From sexy micro minis and shorts for the ladies to long sarouel shorts and original printed t-shirts for men, the Cosmos Tribe collections have something for anyone who chooses to be a tad daring.


  • Laurent Tiffon is the sole designer of his Cosmos Tribe label, creating unique pieces for both men and women. His designs are completely unique to his label, the likes of which cannot be seen elsewhere. Other than the fabrics that are imported from Europe, his collections only employ locally available material and are produced by local tailors and craftsmen. 


  •  At the moment, Laurent produces his designs out of Goa and Nepal. However, he has recently entered into an arrangement with the owner of the Nepali production unit to set-up a large scale workshop in Goa from where his entire line will be created. The workshop will open in the autumn of 2011. 


  • Cosmos Tribe is a participant of one of largest fashion trade shows in the world, Who's Next ( www.whosnext.com/), held every summer in Paris. With this, Laurent aspires to bring his Goan label to the rest of the world. 


The Cosmos Tribe collection features lines for both men and women. The designs are unique and cater to the definitive style of Goa's nomadic residents, blending influences of street, bohemian and rock'n'roll. The fabrics are futuristic and functional, featuring blends of cotton, canvas, lycra, lace to shiny techno, waterproof and sweat resistant materials. Embellishments are plentiful and hard-core, featuring zippers, chain mail, nails, reflectors, rivets and hard plastics. 


  • The Cosmos Tribe signature men's line features harem pants influenced, sarouel long shorts for men, as well the more traditional straight silhouettes. Patterns range from plain to stripes, checks as well Scottish tartans. Also popular are his street pants, jackets and vests. Laurent's designs for men seamlessly blend sophisticated fabrics with a very edgy styling. Laurent additionally designs original printed sleeveless t-shirts. 
  • Price ranges: Sarouel Shorts:  2,600; Street-wear Pants:  3,000; Long shorts:  ` 2,600; Jackets & Vests:  3,500-4,500



  • The Women's Wear fuses rock with bohemian chic. Sexy, feminine and tough, the Cosmos Tribe women's collections feature mini shorts, micro-mini skirts, jeans, vests and leggings. The fabrics are similar to the men's collections as are the hardcore embellishments. The Cosmos Tribe for women line is flirty, edgy and functional.
  • Price Ranges: Pants, Leggings & Jeans: 3,000-4,000; Shorts & Skirts: ` 1,500-2,000



Laurent Tiffon has always been a designer by profession. Prior to his fashion label, he had a career as a freelance furniture designer in France. His creations were always abstract, quirky and unique, featuring largely tables and lights.  

However, Fashion has always been a passion for Laurent. What started as designing pieces for himself, slowly graduated to creating pieces for his friends, which then led to a full-time career in the field, creating designs for the new generation of urban hippies and cyberpunks. 

Laurent arrived with the trance generation in Goa in 1992. However, it wasn't until 2002 that he started his brand, which is now one of Goa's most recognized labels. His primary design influence is rock n roll; ranging from The Clash, Daft punk to B52!

Currently, Laurent showcases his designs in the two popular weekly flea markets in Goa, The Saturday Night Market (Arpora) and The Wednesday Flea Market in Anjuna. Laurent, additionally supplies his lines to a boutique in Moscow as well a record store in Argentina. However, Laurent has larger productions plans and business expansions in the pipeline. 


  • One of Goa's recognized designer brands
  • Men's and Women's collections
  • Original, innovative designs
  • Street, bohemian & rock'n'roll
  • Sexy, daring & stylish
  • Quality & innovative fabrics





Laurent Tiffon


The Cosmos Tribe has kiosks at the following weekly markets:
- Anjuna Flea Market (Wednesdays), Anjuna. Click here>>
- Saturday Night Market, Arpora. Click here>>

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