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Casa Goa

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Casa Goa is a one-stop-shop for antique furniture and contemporary home furnishings. There are many unique pieces to fill the home; from restored original wood wardrobes to an array of beautifully crafted chairs and a collection of inventive and contemporary designer housewares.


 The concept behind the collection at Casa Goa is that each piece has been made in Goa or India by local designers or carpenters. Each item is an original and one of a kind. By holding a mixture of antique and contemporary pieces, the shop serves as a historical account of Indo-Portuguese art and furniture. 

The modern objects found dotted around the shop are from various Indian designers. Look for silver cutlery, doilies, brass cut-out design bookends, the stamped and vein square bowl, napkin holders, hammered metal candle stick holders, silver yoga position bottle stoppers and openers and lips and moustache shaped stainless steel paperweights.

Casa Goa specializes in Indo-Portuguese antique furniture in rosewood and teak wood, which have been restored by Goan carpenters at the private workshop. Walking around the shop, one can find many of India’s beautiful designs and craftsmanship. There is a variety of coffee tables, trunks, crockery cabinets, upholstered and wood sofas, wicker garden chairs, carved frame large mirrors, a dining room table, a large wooden bench and many other unique and restored furniture. The shop also stocks a pretty selection of clay milk jugs and chai mugs. The beautiful and grand four poster bed stands out in all its splendour, and is draped in doilies and hand woven shawls. The latter have their own Indian heritage value, as they are made in Goa using the method of the hand loom weaving practice indigenous to Goa. The shawls are all made from pure cotton and coloured using natural organic dyes. On the walls, art from local artists is displayed and Casa Goa holds shows two to three times a year showcasing the talent of local Goan artists.

Casa Goa is a one stop shop for unique, beautifully crafted items sourced from around India. Items are perfect for furnishing your own home or even as wedding gifts or for a special occasion. The only items in store that are not Goan are the Japanese and Portuguese plates, and these too have their own special qualities. They have traveled all around the world and found their way to Goa.

Casa Goa and the team of artisans also create bespoke furniture upon request.


Proud Goan Cezar Pinto opened the charming Casa Goa in October 1999. His goal was ‘‘to showcase Goa’s splendour and present style and to create awareness that Goa had more to offer than simply beaches and parties.’’ Casa Goa is now acclaimed as a treasure trove of Goan design with a sophisticated clientele; high profile customers have included Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as many Bollywood stars who have residences in Goa. The store, located in a heritage building has the genuine warmth of a Goan home, offering superb Goan furniture (and) designer housewares.

Designer living in Goa, in ‘Love to Shop Goa’ by  Fiona Caulfield. Coffee Tables, Summer 2011, vol.2, issue 3. 


  • Home furnishings
  • Antique furniture
  • Contemporary designers
  • Elegant collection 
  • Beautifully designed and crafted pieces
  • Rose and teak wood furniture





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