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Located in the heart of the Ashvem Beach strip, Dust boutique sells unique designs, known for their block prints, use of raw silks and pure cotton. There is a variety of men and women’s clothing and a range of jewellery and accessories to choose from. The concept of the collection is creating innovative designs through the use of natural fabric and ethically sourced materials. 


Dust is located on Ashvem Beach, on the coastline of some of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa. As with all beachfront businesses, the shop is rebuilt every year and ready for the season with the fashion lovers looking for unique articles. 
The boutique is built from palm trees, bamboo rods, sheets of wood; all recyclable or perishable. Step off the beach from the beating Goa sunshine and into this cool and breezy oasis space, where the entrance and walls are sparingly draped with long flowing being and black material, dream catchers hang from above, the clothes rails are made from bamboo rods, suspended by rope from the ceiling and on the second level tribal designs are painted on the wooden slab floor. Dust also has a changing room. 

Dust can also be found at the Saturday Night Market, Arpora, every Saturday from December-April.


Dust offers a large and varied range of clothing which can be described as a mixture of tribal, bohemian and Mediterranean looks. For men, there are funky shirts, plaid and mixed fabric waistcoats, light trousers and block printed ties. The women’s selection includes a beautiful collection of dresses, skirts and crochet and suede bikinis. There is also a lovely array of shawls, light ones for the summer time and also thicker ones for the chillier evenings, which come in a range of colours and elegant designs.

The dresses, light and breezy in their look, have been designed to cater for all occasions. Colours are neutral and soft and the cuts include backless and capped shoulders, amongst many other designs. By combining different fabrics within one dress and using new colour combinations for each, this makes the clothes unique and one of a kind, adding to it even more of a special value.

Browse the 'Designed and made in Goa' and ‘Raw Silk’ rails for special finds or pick up one of the stylish accessories dotted around the shop. Look out for pretty booklets made with recycled paper and bound in silk designs, little leather purses with tribal motifs, leather handbags with knot and zip detail, pink suede long strap bag with fringe, brass jewellery and a large black and white canvas beach tote with leather look strap detail.


Dust is owned and run by couple Jonny and Giada. Jonny is from England, where he also studied Fashion & Design. He has a long professional history of working in this area, with also working at Melon Fucker, a well known and respected label in the business. Italian native Giada also has an artistic background, having studied photography and art at university. 

The boutique was opened three years and like many designers in Goa, Dust also has a retail space at the infamous Saturday Night Market in Arpora. Each of the couple’s roles in the business is what makes for successful final products. Jonny mostly is behind the designs and Giada does all the fabric sourcing, bought in Italy as well as from around India. The collection is mainly designed by Jonny and Giada, but they hold items from some other handpicked designers; westerners that design and produce in Goa.  The idea was to create unique pieces of clothing, one offs and some limited edition. The process is from sketch to design, which is in turn made within a few days by the tailors at their private atelier’s and on the rails the day after that. There is also a fast change of items, with the owners taking new styles from the designers that they work with on a weekly rotation. Jonny and Giada see it as keeping the shop fresh.


  • Hand woven silks
  • Block print design garments
  • Use of Peace Silk
  • Limited edition collections
  • Stylish designs
  • No mass production of items




Ashvem beach
Ashvem, Pernem




An interesting and distinctive aspect of the design and production process begins with the sourcing of the materials used. All textiles used are sourced with consciousness towards the environment. Where possible they use Peace Silk; this is made from silk gathered from the cocoon after the moth has moved out. Dust also uses pure cotton, satin silk and linen across their collection. In keeping with the environmentally friendly practice, printing inks and dyes are produced using ancient peculiar components and methods. 

In terms of the originality, historical print designs are common, reproduced by wood block printing techniques upon hand woven silks. Every block has been hand carved, ready for manually printing the fabric; this is a Rajasthani technique. All the clothes are made at Dust’s atelier in Mandrem, constructed by a small group of skilled makers using low impact production techniques and the owners also choose to work with the cottage industry, which in turn involves the local community.

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