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Arambol Hammocks


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Arambol Hammocks is a well-known and highly valued trademark brand in Goa. Hammock connoisseurs swear by the comfort in these innovative and rather unusual designs. The only flagship boutique is tucked in a quiet corner on Arambol beach with a hill as the backdrop. Guests are personally introduced to the products by the owners and are invited to experience the entire range at leisure. Arambol Hammocks' philosophy is built around the concept of 'Quality as a Total Experience'.


Overlooking the expanse of the Arabian Sea, the Arambol Hammocks boutique is hosted under a canopy of a huge white tent surrounded by lush garden set against the backdrop of the Arambol Hill. Under the tent, one feel's like under the sails of a schooner of old times, gently rocked in a hammock by the sound of waves.


Arambol Hammocks has three distinct products across its range: The Flying Carpet, The Flying Chair and the Classic Hammock.

At the first look one sees that the Flying Carpet  is quite different from the usual hammock. Upon trial, this view is confirmed. The Flying Carpet follows the shape of the user’s body in a way that gives  a totally new experience of comfort.  Andreas Huber, the Austrian designer of the products says: “The idea behind Ergonomics is to shape furniture to the body instead of fitting the body into the shape of the furniture”. Ergonomically designed, the Flying Carpet raises the torso, provides support to the head, to the lower back, and keep the legs in a relaxed position. With its special design and high weight capacity (upto 180 kilos), the Flying Carpet can accommodate two. For reading or enjoying a nap, it is the perfect “Chill-Out Together Hammock”! Available in the roomy Original version, there is also a Solo version; and a Mini version for people of a height of less than 1.6 meters. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The Flying Chair is the favorite of small spaces in flats and balconies. Free moving, playful and easy to get in and out, the Flying Chair offers lower back support following your body contours. Available in 90 and 120 kilos weight capacity, its sitting position can be adjusted.

The Classic Hammock is an improved version of the standard hammock; designed for better comfort. It is recommended to lie diagonally in this hammock for the best experience.

Practical accessories are additionally available: travel bags, “S” hooks and rope bundles to carry and use your Arambol Hammock anywhere you feel like.


Production adheres to high quality standards of Austrian Andreas Huber and his French Canadian partner Helene Riverin. The result is an outstanding product range offering exceptional comfort and durability.

Andreas is focused not only on functionality, but also on performance. “We use 100% cotton twill whose tensile capacity has been tested in laboratory for the making of all our products. The rope we use to string them is produced for us and according our specifications.”

Helene’s focus is on aesthetics. Apart from the timeless Batik Tied-Dyed collection, the different products are also available in the original Zebra Print created by Helene. These two collections are available in four combinations, each in brighter and high contrast colors. A new subtle unicolor edition offers three shades. All dyes used here are AZO certified; free of heavy polluting elements.


Andy (Andreas Huber) discovered Arambol during a search of peace and untouched nature in the early eighties. Arambol village was then a quiet and laidback little fisherman village with two beaches - one with a sweet water lake fed by a spring rivulet flowing out of a small jungle patch. Arambol’s small “jungle” became a hippies' playground and they settled in huts and tree-houses to live in freedom. But, Andy didn’t find it comfortable to sleep on the ground, and being creative and practical, he made himself a primitive hammock, the concept of which is still followed. Soon, it struck a chord with neighbours around, the word spread and requests have been flowing since. That was the start of a creative process which is still going on.

Andy’s main preoccupation behind this creative process is all about body comfort - to get the best possible body position, a position that is healthy for the back. This quest remains at the core of his work until today.

Andy along with his partner Helene Riverin are producing these wonderful hanging furniture under the brand name “Arambol Hammocks”, a trademark of Red Earth Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd., their Indian incorporated company.


  • Specialty & exclusive boutique
  • Ergonomic hammocks & hanging chairs
  • One of its kind in India
  • Very high quality
  • Urban cool & hippie chic
  • Home and garden furniture
  • Products backed by research




Arambol Hammocks
Dina House #564
Khalcha Wadda
Arambol, Pernem
Goa 403 527

North end of Arambol beach (near Rice Bowl restaurant)



Helene Riverin
Director and Co-owner
Best to contact via email or via SMS



Open all days
09:00 - 20:00
End of October - End of March


Purchases are followed by a thorough after-sales training about installation, maintenance and use of the product acquired. An illustrated instruction leaflet accompanies each product.

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