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Situated in a cozy hut on the main Palolem road, Bunti is an unique space which showcases fashion and home accessories. The boutique presents a diverse collection of western styles enhanced by Indian techiques and textiles. One may find sustainable, upcycled products and one off vintage pieces!


Bunti is a charming boutique on the main Palolem road presenting products from their extensive spread of clothing, jewellery and home accessories in dedicated sections. Eco friendly measures have been considered for both structure and decor. It celebrates India's rich tradition of textiles and art showcasing an aspect of cultural diversity.

Bunti encourages a safe and 'happy' working environment where their signature collections are made. No children are employed in the production. Bunti stocks other brands who adhere to high ethical standards of manufacture and business. The brand encourages traditional techniques of hand block printing and hand weaving. With a zeal for community engagement, local tailors and craftspersons are employed for most products. Sustainable and eco friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled silks and organic skincare are used wherever possible.


Nearly all of the collections at Bunti are hand made or upcycled (redesign/alternate use of old materials as new products); offering a selection of bohemian clothing, jewellery and home furnishing. Vintage fabrics and textiles are hand picked from across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The ideology behind this is to create new and unique products with a story behind it which people can treasure.

Most products are created using traditional hand block printing from Rajasthan with hand carved wooden blocks and natural vegetable dyes. Kimonos, kaftans, kids clothing and home accessories are made with new prints every season.

Also available, are a few collections from Indian designers who create hand crafted pieces such as hand knitted garments, hand spun handloom furnishings and recycled silk sari jewellery.

From travels across the country, the boutique boasts of several one off vintage pieces on offer each season.


Bunti is owned by couple Hannah and Ankey. Hannah is from England, where she owns two boutiques called The Painted Bird in Cornwall, UK.

Hannah has been visiting Goa for several years. Having spent her winters here, she has worked with numerous Indian designers and textiles. The couple wanted to create a space which stocks fashion and home accessories which blends traditional Indian handicrafts and designs with western styles.

They have been working with a small family business in India since the past five years. With a diverse collection, the boutique opened its doors at Palolem in January 2013.

The brand is closely involved with several charitable organisations since its inception. Of particular mention is Women Weave who produce an array of products; one of which is handwoven cotton that is incorporated in their collections.


  • Unqiue fashion and home
  • One of a kind in Palolem
  • Encourages handcrafting
  • Indian textiles and prints
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Traditional techiniques




Palolem, Canacona
Goa 403 702


+91 78758 56712

Hannah Kate Dickson


October - April
10:00 - 21:00



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