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Miss Be


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With prime location along the Anjuna Market road, this episode of the internationally renowned  ‘Miss Be’  by Emmanuelle Blanc brings part of the Burning Man lifestyle to Goa. The boutique boasts a mixed collection of it’s namesake’s best sellers that seamlessly transcend between cutting edge and chic, to the casual and comfortable. Garments and accessories including earrings, necklaces, harnesses,  sun-visors, and belts incorporate a distinct use of lace and lycra with intelligent design to please all shapes and sizes.



Miss Be Goa is centrally located in Anjuna on the buzzing Anjuna Market road, opposite Luna’s Tibetan restaurant. 

Having kept the tropical ambience of the traditional Goan abode, the boutique leaves a calming impression. It hosts patrons in a relaxing lounge space, after being welcomed by the warm, friendly and helpful local and foreign staff named Smita, Sima, Gita and Dolores who speak a variety of languages. 

Shoppers can meander through three breezy and spacious areas, the themes providing for a seasonal experience from Winter and Autumn through Spring and Summer before moving into Miss Be’s dressing area. 

Adding to the already soothing ambience, gentle music wafts through the air, carrying the seasonal breezes of the boutiques theme.

Miss Be also has stores at the Saturday Night Market & Wednesday Flea Market. 


Inspired by the frills, fabrics & fashion of Middle Age battle memoirs, the Miss Be Goa Collection showcases glamorous and edgy woman’s wear that moves seamlessly from cutting edge chic to casual and comfortable.

Garments, sun-visors, harnesses and bags maintain the label’s signature use of interlacing, stretch lycra, and cotton fleece. Belts, earrings and necklaces encompass the spirit of Miss Be and compliment the collection.The intermingling of styles including Burlesque, Amazonia, and Medieval creates a visual concert that tends toward the Burning Manesque.

Pieces are meticulously crafted in a dedicated local workshop, the superior quality material sourced from the cream of Delhi's fabric reservoirs.

Maintaining practicality and flexibility through innovative and artistic design along with quality fabrics, the avant garde range attracts an eclectic array of followers from fire dancers, acrobats and yogi’s, to brides, runway fashionistas and glamorous party lovers.


Having grown into a beguiling international fashion icon, the designer still stays close and true to her roots. Fans are a priority at Miss Be, where Emmanuelle Blanc responds to emails and social media communication personally.   

With this personal approach in mind, she created Miss Be Addicted to which fans submit photographs of themselves wearing pieces of the Miss Be collections. 

The result is a cache of images expressing emotion through fashion and art along with an appreciation for the label.    

The designer notes that this is one of her favourite aspects of her work. It is ultimately the fans to whom Miss Be finds herself utterly and truly, Addicted. 



Emmanuelle Blanc, the owner and designer of Miss Be began her illustrious life in France. After having her novel published at the age of 18 and working in the T.V and film industry whilst growing up, she began a life of travel, absorbing cultures wherever she found her feet.

Unable to source choice pieces to wear,  she began making her her own garments.  In 1999, with the revenue made from selling pancakes in Mapusa, Goa, Emmanuelle would buy materials to create pieces for her stall set humbly behind her pancake stand. Time, passion and dedication have changed many things since Miss Be’s unpresuming beginnings. 

Now based in L.A, the designer is fits celebrities such as former Miss India, Kanishtha Dhankar photographed by Prabuddha Das Gupta,  and has 42 stores internationally including `the USA, numerous countries in Europe, Uk, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, Canada & Brazil. 

Apart from her many international boutiques, Miss Be is available for purchase online, at festivals, and trunk shows in the U.S.

Always seeking innovation, the designer is gearing to style the entire family with the release of the Mister Be and Mini Be labels - coming soon! 


Setting ablaze to fashion magazine covers around the globe, Miss be has been featured is numerous publications including Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty Magazine, Guiseppina Magazine, Tat2 and Vicisside.

Mister Be coming soon to Goa has also been featured in publications such as Elegant Magazine.  


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- Cutting edge women's fahion boutique
- Burning Man-esque styled Gear
- Interlacing, stretch lycra, cotton fleece 
- Stylish design and flexible comfort
- Easily adaptable 
- Glamour wear at affordable prices 




Anjuna Flea Market road

Opposite Luna’s Tibetan Restaurant

Monteiro Vaddo

Anjuna, Bardez

Goa 403 509



Smita +91 9121236049



Opening hours:
Monday 10 am to 9 pm

Tuesday 10 am to 10 pm

Wednesday 10 am to 9 pm 

Thursday 10 am to 9 pm

Friday 10 am to 9 pm

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm 

Sunday 11 am to 7 pm

Stores at the Anjuna Saturday Night Market & Wednesday flea market


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