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Monsoon Heritage Studio


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Monsoon Heritage studio by Yahel Chirinian is an exclusive art and avant guard design address in Goa, and one of its best kept secrets. Masterfully transformed from an aging Portuguese house, the studio showcases the exquisite and unique collections of Yahel's creations of mirrored mosaic art, installations and exclusive commissioned pieces for homes of fashionistas, travellers, art collectors and celebrities from around the world. 


Hidden away off a back-road in Arpora, Monsoon Heritage studio is set in transformed aging Portuguese house with a history of its own, accessed only by a narrow pathway through a tropical ravine. Yahel's mirrored mosaic works in large organic shapes, dramatic Hindu deities and imposing skulls are instantly recognizable, shimmering and seductive, ranging from just 25cms to two metres in height; larger works are regularly shipped globally. 
Much more than a beautiful Gallery, the Monsoon Heritage studio is “a way of life” - something unique, something different, a celebration of life through stunning art pieces and objects, and it is here that Yahel meticulously designs and crafts each piece of art, transforming organic shapes and inspiration into stunning pieces of mirrored installations. 


Yahel Chirinian designs mirror sculptures, installations and commissioned art works for alternative spaces, creating "atmosphere and experience as inspirational lifestyle". Her creations have been described as somewhere between art and design, between pop and fine, between the profane and sacred.

Energies and Elements are Yahel’s greatest source of inspiration and the nobility of the mirror has always been her preference for material, "with its feel, its dance and subtle play with light". It took years of research and preparation – natural pigments experimenting, coloring, cutting, gluing, pressing, baking - to reveal to the artist, the mirror's "magical, transparent, shiny and fluid possibilities". Yahel's designs are a synergy of creativity, traditional and organic materials, meticulous production and the unrivalled energy resulting from reflections and light. 

Each of Yahel's creations is painstakingly crafted by hand at the Monsoon Heritage, using single pieces of local natural and eco-friendly raw materials that are gradually cut and polished to sculpt singular art pieces designed to inspire your life. 
Monsoon Heritage creations can be found in Paris, Rome, Milan, Monte Carlo, Saint Bart, Porto Cervo, Capri, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Oman, Qatar, New Delhi, Bombay and Goa. In addition, Monsoon Heritage collaborates with architects and interior decorators in United States, France, Spain, Italy, Lebanon and India - including work for Open Environments, City Oasis, Urban Temples, Living Spaces, Ambient Experiences, Contemporary Sanctuaries.


Yahel Chirinian, is globally celebrated French artist and sculptor; and she designs at Monsoon Heritage studio art pieces and installations that create atmosphere and experience as inspirational lifestyle, as place to dream...also providing what objects should provide, an oasis of serenity.

"I consider myself not so much an artist, but an artisan in a pursuit of an aesthetic that is my own, which sees something that cannot be seen, but brings into visible existence happiness, emotions or even a touch of love. The connection between energies and art is not only an attractive concept, but a vital part of my work. I have always loved the idea that human beings have contact with their surroundings on various different levels. I love working with mirror…it’s not a selfish mirror, it’s a mirror which reflects "l'autre".
“India opens for me enough thinking space to re-imagine all sorts of parallel new art worlds. A kind of counter-place that is outside other places but that also includes them. In today's art world it is necessary to find new ways to convey meaning and create experience. My work is about experiment."
“I like my creations to provoke emotions. they appropriate a place where another piece cannot be. We miss them if they disappear; because of their absence ...everything else has changed! more than décor their function is to reveal."

(Yahel Chirinian)


  • Globally celebrated artist & sculptor
  • Exquisite creations of mirrored mosaic art
  • Created of local natural & eco-friendly material
  • "A celebration of life through stunning art pieces in Goa"
  • Collected by fashionistas, art collectors & celebrities across the world




61 Mainath Batti
Arpora, Bardez
Goa 403 518



Geetanjali Redkar
For same-day appointments and extra information about coming happenings


Monday - Saturday
09:00 - 18:00


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