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Arambol Beach


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Arambol, the wilder end of Goa with a distinct bohemian appeal, has been attracting a steady stream of young visitors for the last 4 decades, who wield their flower power to preserve Arambol’s utopian ideals, its artistic culture and the occasional psychedelic party. Pulsating with energy, here you will find a plethora of cheap & cool hangouts here.


Arambol houses a number of hidden gems, and we're not talking beach shacks. Further down the main beach, lies the sweet lake, the jungle valley, hot springs with therapeutic minerals (perfect for a mud bath) and a majestic Banyan tree. Another highlight here is the stone sculpture created by an American conceptual artist Jacek Tylicki "Give if you can - Take if you have to" also called "the money stone". Some consider it a pilgrimage destination.    


  • Arambol offers a variety of great food. Fine dining is not the way here, but simple beach shacks and restaurants serve up some of Goa's favourite food.

  •  - La Muella: delectable eclectic café and Isreali menu. 
  •  - Fellini: for authentic Italian.
  • - Double Dutch: a charming garden cafe.  
  • - German Bakery: eat in or take away their delicious baked goodies.  


Arambol is the home to a handful of small boutiques, selling everything from apparel, jewelry to body jewelry. Here are our picks:

  • - La Muella: a number of designers who live in Goa
  • - Miss Kitsch: Women will love this store!
  • - Naguel Cafe: Body jewellery & body modification


The busy beaches and market streets are enough to keep you occupied, but should you prefer to head off the beaten path, Arambol has a plenty of natural gems as well.

  • - Annual Carnival @ Arambol (February)
  • - Arambol market: Bustling and offers plenty of cool shopping
  • - Spring Water lake: A few km's off the main beach
  • - Overnight camp-out @ Jungle Valley
  • - Hot water spring,  mineral bath & majestic banyan tree
  • - “Money Stone” sculpture by Jacek Tylicki.
  • - Paragliding from Arambol Cliffs
  • - Fishing from Arambol Cliffs


  • Bustling with life!
  • A number of spots for great eating
  • The occasional psychedelic party
  • Fresh water lake, Jungle Valley & hot springs
  • The majestic banyan tree
  • Paragliding

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