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Arti Fabulous Body Care

Arambol, Ashvem, Morjim

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With several locations across North Goa, Arti Fabulous Body Care offers a variety of Ayurvedic and other traditional massages, skin treatments, body therapies and nail specialties. Operating out of rustic yet charming beach-side huts, Arti’s staff are highly trained and go above and beyond to ensure every client receives the most beneficial treatment for their lifestyle and individual health needs. Arti additionally provides a range of Ayurvedic tonics, and skin and haircare products (available in select locations only).


  • Arti Fabulous Body Care offers specialized massages and holistic Ayruvedic treatments. She additionally offers a range of beauty, skin, nail and hair care, including natural facials, pedicures, manicures, waxing and much more. Arti has opened independent beach salons and has collaborated with various resorts in Northern Goa to deliver these specialized treatments in charming hut-salons right by the beach, that offer complete privacy and the romance of staying close to the ocean.


  • Ayurvedic massages help stimulate optimal blood circulation and expel toxins from the body. Physically, it aids the functioning of the internal organs; mentally, it relieves stress and fatigue, and rejuvenates the mind and body. Ayurvedic massage further aids in toning muscles, opening skin pores as well as in expelling excess fat from the body.


  •  Ayurveda is defined by the three "Dosha" that form the basis of life, "Vata", "Pita" and "Kapha", based up the elements of earth, wind, fire, air and space. Every individual embodies a unique combination of these Doshas that corresponds to their spiritual and physical traits. A harmonious equilibrium of the Doshas equates to wellness; an imbalance signifies a particular ailment.
  • Particular care is taken by the therapists at Arti's to analyze every client's particular constitution and administer the therapy that is most suited to their individual requirement.


  • Massage: World Techniques (INR 500-2000)
  • Traditional Indian Treatment; Ayurvedic (INR 800-1500)
  • Beauty Spa Therapy; Face & body (INR 600-1800)
  • Waxing: Men & Women (INR 200-1000)
  • Holistic Healing: Chakra Healing
  • Reiki (INR 1200 – 1800 INR)
  • Yoga: Private classes on request


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A Delhi native, Arti Singh received a year-long training in Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga at  Sita World Travel Company where she was employed for 3 years. 
In August 2003 Arti was invited by Mountain Adventure to provide massage for 400 people of the Tibetan Marathon in Ladakh.   A recommendation then directed her to Rajasthan where she took a small team of therapists to work at the Laxmi Vilas Palace.  In 2005, she returned to Ladakh with a team of 5 therapists, working in various the hotels there.  

GOA! In 2006, Arti opened her first stand alone business in Palolem, South Goa, expanding to 3 massage locations by the following year. In 2008, she extended her services to Ashwem in North Goa with Sea View Beach Resort.

By 2010, she opened 10 massage centre’s between Arambol, Ashvem & Morjim.  She also collaborates with Papa Jolly Hotel, Amarya Shamyana, Sur la Mer resorts in Morjim and Square Village Spa in Vagator. In addition, she continues to run two locations in south Goa, Agonda and Palolem which are managed by her family.

Arti believes her path was chosen for her, and the many opportunities that came her way were signs that she had to share the gift of Ayruveda. Arti is dedicated to providing Ayurvedic massage, holistic treatments, and later adding beauty treatments to provide the complete package.  Despite the epic growth of her business, the time and dedication needed to keep it running smoothly, she still manages to find time to personally deliver treatments. 


  • Several locations in North Goa
  • Ayurvedic & holistic massages
  • Beauty treatments, skin & nail care 
  • Simple, charming beachside locations
  • Well trained staff, personalized therapy
  • Also available, range of Ayurvedic products





  • Ashvem Beach, Ashvem-Mandrem
  • Goa
  • Mobile: +91 904 920 9597
  • Email HERE>>


  • Walk-inns are welcome at any one of their locations. 


  • Arti's Fabulous Body Care are available in the following locations:
  • Seaview, Ashvem Beach (main) products
  • Bedrock , Ashvem Beach (6 beds)
  • Oasis Restaurant, Arambol Cliff side
  • Montego Bay Resort, Morjim
  • Next to La Plage, Ashvem
  • Om Resort (Ashvem beach)
  • Casablanca Hotel, Morjim
  • Royal Touch Resort, Palolem
  • Gratitude Resort, Agonda

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