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Situated in the heart of Goa's tourist district, Goa Aquatics is a specialty diving center. In operation since 2006, this facility in Calangute conducts courses with PADI certification and pleasure dives in Goa. Located within the Little Italy restaurant premises, Goa Aquatics is a PADI dive resort where professional divers and novices alike come together to share their experiences and log dives.


Goa Aquatics is a diving center located under a tropical cover in the premises of Little Italy in Calangute. A white dome presides over its gardens that beckons with enthusiasts with diving equipment and an exhilarating vibe. 

Led by a very passionate team who evangelise underwater experiences, guests get a holistic experience of diving in Goa and around. Goa aquatics is authorised to certify a diver as per PADI regulations.


Scuba Diving for Beginners
These sessions are designed for anyone who is interested in getting a glimpse of life underwater. Dives will be for a duration of 30-40 minutes under close supervision of a diving instructor who will guide one to a maximum depth of 12 meters. INR 5,000

Pleasure dive trip to Grande Island
These are sessions for professional divers and enthusiasts who would like to explore Goa's marine life, concentrated around Grande Island. Goa Aquatics provides for recreational dives to experience adventures underwater and share knowledge with other divers from across the world. INR 5,000


Scuba Diver
This is a two day introduction course which comes with PADI certification to dive any where in the world up to a depth of 12 meters. INR 14,000

PADI Open Water
Spread over four days, this course provides a full entry-level certification to dive up to a depth of 18 meters independent of professional supervision. INR 20,000

Advanced Open Water
Dive enthusiats who wish to gain advanced experience can opt for this course which will enhance confidence and diving skills underwater. Specific types including Deep Diving (upto 30 meters) and Navigation Diving will be concentrated upon. INR 15,000

Emergency First Response
This course is designed for everyone who may encounter an emergency situation, to have the necessary knowledge and confidence to save lives should the situation arise. This is a pre-requisite for Rescue Diver course. INR 6,500

Rescue Diver
On sucessful completeion of PADI Open Water course and logging at least 20 dives, this course is designed to prepare a diver for prevention of problems and handling dive emergencies. INR 18,000

Dive Master
This course is an entry into professional levels of recreational diving for enthusiasts. On completion, one is qualified to superwise dives and assist instructors. A Rescue Diver certification along with 50 logged dives is a pre-requisite. INR 25,000

Enriched Air Diving | Deep Diving | Aware Fish Identification Diving | Boat Diving | Multilevel and Computer | Night Diving | Peak Perfromance Bouyancy | Search and Recovery Diving | Underwater Naturalist | Underwater Navigation Diving | Underwater Digital Photography | Underwater Videography | Wreck Diving


  • Specialty diving center
  • PADI certification
  • Heart of tourist district
  • Pleasure dives in Goa




Goa Aquatics Pvt. Ltd.
136/1, Little Italy
Calangute, Bardez
Goa - 403 516



Anindya Mukherjee



Depth in meters
Jetty 2-6 | Grande banks 4-8 | Bounty Bay 4-8 | Shelter Cove 2-6 | Suzy's Wreck 10-13 |
Sail Rock 16-24 | Umma Gumma Reef 10-14


A very enthusiastic and passionate bunch of divers make up the core of Goa Aquatics - Anindya Mukherjee | Jason Fernandes | Wynelan Louis | Keith Fernandes | Raju Gawde | Venkatesh Rathore | Richard Mcevan Peters | Steve Jones | Gautam Sharma


- Dive Center and Resort
- Lounge
- Pool
- Dive Equipment
- Medical Kit


Goa's diving season is from mid-October to end of April
Visibility around Goa is normally 5 - 10 meters due to the two rivers, the Mandovi and Zuari meeting the sea. The Dive Sites are mostly shallow around Grande island between 5 and 15 meters; and the water temperature is around 28°C.

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