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O Soda


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O Soda is a sparkling health drink brand from Goa. Manufactured just across the borders of Goa in a natural spring in the Western ghats, O Soda offers several flavours for specific purposes of a healthy dietary routine. The line of beverages includes a base of fruits, spices or berries.


O Soda is a health drink brand from Goa. Combining the benefits of natural fruits and berries, the company presents delicious sparkling drinks in the stable of other carbonated beverages in the market.

The range of refreshing juices from O Soda are bottled in the foothills of the Western Ghats just across the border from Goa. With their water source being a natural spring untouched by modern pollutants, the brand produces a holistically inclined beverage for the health conscious.


O Soda currently produces three flavours of their health drinks contained in sparkling water in 0.25 liter bottles

KOKAM - Rich in anti-oxidants - Restore
Garcinia Indica
, used as an Indian spice, is a rich source of anti-oxidants of vitamin C in citric acid, malic acid, acetic acid, ascorbic acid, hydrocitric acid and more. Found mostly in the Western Ghats, the fruit has several health benefits as much as it is delicious. Rich in dietary fibres and low in cholestrol, Kokam has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

AMALA - Rich in vitamin C - Rejuvenate
The Indian gooseberry has been regarded in ancient Ayurvedic texts as The Elixir of Life. A storehouse of Vitamin C, with a composition of several minerals including carotene, phosphorous, calcium, iron and more, Amla juice is a highly rejuvenating drink.

JEERA - Improves digestion - Balance
A native of the Mediterranean, cumin seeds or Jeera are a wonder spice used in India. For centuries, the famous Jal Jeera drink has been used as an excellent appetiser and for aiding digestion. Containing more than hundred naturally occurring chemical compounds including vitamins, proteins and minerals, Jeera is known and proven for its healing qualities.


Nikhil Divekar, is a true Goan entrepreneur. Now in his late twenties, he owns, heads and manages brand and operations of two companies. Madal Bal Goa was formed as a partnership between Zurich based Madal Bal Ag and Nikhil's family business Guruprasad Import and Export. He opted to stay away from business education and gained business expertise on the floor handling logistics and operations for his parent company. Between the two companies, they export a wide range of textiles, handcrafted home furnishing, antiques, figurines, artefacts, aromatherapy and several handmade wellness products all over the world. Nikhil finds himself drawn toward handcrafted, natural and wellness products and travels across India meeting with artisans, craftsmen and vendors learning, sharing and developing new products.

He is, however, successful in striking a healthy balance between work and his personal life as he travels  across the globe and indulges in adventure activities. He is also passionate about technology and how it has made way for innovation. All this is not surprising, as he admires the lifestlye of Sir Richard Branson!

Nikhil is also credited amongst a team of twenty friends in a Guinness World Record challenge for having created the world's largest incense stick.


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  • Health drink incorporating traditional Indian spices & herbs from Ayurvedic texts
  • Combines benefits of natural fruits & berries in a sparkling drink
  • Locally produced in the Western Ghats
  • Water sourced from natural spring
  • Refreshing & delectable flavours



Available across all premium supermarkets in Goa


O Soda will be launching a couple of new flavours at the onset of the coming season in Goa. All natural and healthy!


Madal Bal on a 5000 BC stone inscription in Efes, Turkey.

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