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Vayu Yoga

Samata Holistic Retreat Center, Arambol

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VayuYoga is a unique aerial yoga practice that provides a complete mind and body experience. The word Vayu directly translates to “wind” or “air" in Sanskrit, and VayuYoga is also commonly known as “Flying Yoga” as it entails the practice of yoga asanas while being suspended in silken hammocks. Practitioners are unencumbered from their weight of their bodies and are able to completely to relax, stretching their spine and every muscle of their body. Practicing inverted asanas in suspension also activates blood circulation. This "weightless" yoga is ideal for anyone!

ABOUT VAYU YOGA (by Capucine Redon)


    • “Moving from earth to heaven, from head to heart.It is no longer necessary to struggle with our body on the ground… We are learning how to fly! How to practice Yoga suspended in the air… by a silk hammock.
      How to remember the cocoon of our mother's womb, the cradle and the swing of our childhood – both are like hammocks.
      How to reconnect with the spark of our heart, which makes us fall in love, burst out laughing, exploding out of Joy!
      By practicing inverted asanas in suspension, we feel our blood flowing all over our organs. We release our vital energy, our grace, our natural beauty. ”
    • “We are Transforming the Way We Perceive the world” (Diamond Sutra)”
    • “As a tightrope walker, we develop our alertness and attention How to be Focused
    • Let's have fun! Trust our heart! Awake our nectar and listen to the silence in the innermost recesses of our heart...
      “We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds.” The Yoga Sutra by Pantajali fl. (2nd c. BCE, compiler of the Yoga Sutra). VayuYoga is in the continuity of the Ancient Art of Yoga from India Motivated by Tibetan Heart  Yoga, with this revolutionary anti-gravity approach adapted to the evolution of human consciousness in the 21st century
      This is a visionary yoga: Free from gravity, we don't feel the weight and stiffness of the body We relieve our stress. We decompress… the spine, the back, the neck, the tight joints, the pelvic area… We stretch effortlessly We realign our vertebrae We activate our blood circulation We stimulate our pineal and pituitary gland It is a prop for deeper practice.
    • It does not matter our size, our shape, ourexperience… Anyone can enjoy Vayu Yoga!”




  • “ While sitting or lying down, one should think of one's own body being suspended in space. Then, in a moment, the samskaras or thought constructs of the mind being reduced, it ceases to be a reservoir of old mental dispositions”“Aasanesthitvaaniraadharamvibhaavayan I Svadeham, manasiksheene, kshanaatksheenaashayobhavet”   
  • 82, Dharana on suspension of the body Sri VijnanaBhairavaTantra  

  • “O Godess, as a result of slowly swinging or rocking the body, one attains a tranquil state of mind and floats into the stream of divine consciousness”
  • “Chalaasanesthitasyaathashanairvaadehachaalanaat; Prashaantemaanasebhaavedevidivyaughamaapnuyaat”  
  • 83 II Dharana on swinging the body Sri VijnanaBhairavaTantra



At 37, Capucine Redon has traveled to over fifty countries. She finally decided to settle in India in 2006, attracted by its ancient wisdom since a teenager. Here, she took Refuge with His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya in 2010. 

Redon practices Inner Yoga Sadhana and daily meditation under the Precious Guidance of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 

She is also a student of Buddhist Philosophy with the venerable GesheDorjiDamdul at the Tibet House in New Delhi. 

Redon has been practicing Hatha Yoga, the ancient Indian Art of Yoga, for over12 years and founded Vayu Yoga Delhi (Flying Yoga) in 2012. 

She became a certified instructor of Hatha & Vayu Yoga three years ago, inspired by "Tibetan Heart Yoga" which belongs to the Gelukpa tradition of The Dalai Lamas of Tibet. 

Capucine has trained intensively in Delhi with her partner of Vayu Yoga, Acharya Suresh Dutt Sharma, her Sivananda Instructor as well as her "heart student", Liane de Selys . She has also benefited from daily private lessons by her Sivananda Instructor, RohitYada. 

Redon was strongly encouraged in this Yoga discipline by a French-Hindu hermit, Swami Vijayananda, a disciple of Ma AnandaMoyi. She has studied about psychology of Yoga from Dr Jacques Vigne, a French psychiatrist who has been living in India for twenty-five years.

Redon began her interest in Yoga in Paris, with Monica Neuvy, inspired by the integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and a student of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar School of Yoga. 

Professionally, Redon, a former journalist, launched in India in 2006, "France 24, the international news channel" and was its South Asia correspondent for 4 years. She was the first permanent French TV reporter in India. She also founded the famed "Babel Press", an International Press Agency based in New Delhi. 

Along with her Yoga practice, Redon is currently producing Dharma Films under her documentary production company Capucine&Co., with the objective to convey the wisdom and heritage of the age-old Indian civilization, "Share the Dharma...". In this pursuit, she is currently Directing and Producing a 90 minute cinema-documentary on "His Holiness The Dalai Lama's Vision of Tibet"; filming her journey across sacred India with Yogini Shambhavi, an extraordinary 14 years old child Hindu-Saint who has been introduced to her by the Dalai Lama as a "good friend from the Nagarjuna era". The film includes personal interviews with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, His Holiness The Karmapa,  KyabjeYongdzin Ling Rinpoche,  KhandroLhamoTseringma ( Tsering Chen-nga), Nechung Oracle ( Kuten La), Samdhong Rinpoche , to name a few.  

Other previous Dharma video films have included Tibet House Delhi, Tibet House New York for Nena and Tenzin Bob Thurman; ShyamaCharanLahiriFoundation , SaumyaAcharya, Kryia Yogi Grandson of LahiriMahasaya and Keeper of his manuscrit - Kadchodling "Opening the flower of your Heart",  KhandroThrinlayChodon, and others. 

Today, Redon focuses primarily on what she calls, "practicing Guru Guidance ", as well as taking care of her family and 3-year old son, learning about and sharing the wisdom of "Tibetan Heart Yoga", "Vayu Yoga" & "Nectar Healing" ...    

Extracting the Beauty from Outer Design To Inner Design: The Aesthetic Of The Subtle

Liane de Selys aka Lili will begin her path as a instructor of Vayu Yoga at  Samata Goa on December 15th! 

At 37 years, she has been practicing Yoga intensively with Capucine Redon for the past 3 years, that has helped her completely transform her outlook on life. 

In August 2015, she completed the seven-day Intensive Sadhana with a first phase Teachers Training Certificate.

De Selys was born in Geneva-Switezrland, of Belgo-French parents, and has been living in India for the past 10 years, working in the fashion/ textiles industry in New Delhi.

De Selys’s passion for design, artisanship, aesthetic and harmony of colors began at an early age, and has been further cultivated by her travels across the globe, and inspired by the "source energy of ancient civilizations".  

Heading to her strong attraction to India, she decided to settle in New Delhi in 2007, where she co-founded and still runs a successful accessory and bag brand: "JOLI- Proudly made in India".  

In India, initially besotted with the beauty of India's rich textiles and its colourful way of life, now, De Selys she has now started to discover what she calls "the beauty of inner aesthetic" through the Practice of Hatha Yoga, the ancient yoga practice originating from here.

In 2014, she began her practice of Vayu Yoga or “ Letting the Heart Lead” with Capucine Redon and Suresh Dutt Sharma, that has been her inspiration to to create a new way of life, to "stop being dictated by the monkey Mind and start listening to the Heart." The yoga practice, she believes, has also given a new direction to her business and design aesthetics, helping her gain a more profound connection between both her makers as well as her buyers. Simply put, “ transforming the way we are perceiving the world”. 

De Selys bought a Vayu Hammock in 2015 that she has suspended in her front lawn in New Delhi, and has been gleefully sharing this visionary practice with the friends and children coming by her home.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary way of Life



  • Aerial yoga practice
  • Yoga as suspended in silken hammocks
  • Anti-gravity allows effortless stretch
  • A visionary yoga form
  • Accessible to all, irrespective of fitness level




Samata Holistic Retreat Center
Arambol, Pernem
Goa 403 512


Capucine: +91 9953588455



By Capucine
“TIBETAN HEART YOGA” is the source inspiration of Vayu Yoga.
"Tibetan Heart Yoga" works on your Heart in two ways and entered Tibet in two different lineages: 
1) It makes your physical heart and body healthy and strong. Asanas were taught to Tibetans by the Indian master Naropa( 1016-1110)
2 ) It opens the knots of your Heart to Love Others... The instructions are called "Tong-Len" which means " Giving and taking"... It was brought to Tibet by the Great Indian Sage Atisha (982-1052).
Both the physical asanas and special breathing technique merged together by the time of JeyTsongKhapa( 1357-1419) who describes the Heart Yoga poses in a secret text called The
Book of Three Beliefs: 
"Belief in the Beauty of the way; belief in the one who teaches it to you, that you will succeed in your practiceses of our heart...

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