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The story of Hill Top began 30 years ago at the time of the hippie heydays in Goa. Founded and owned by Steve D'souza, Hill Top is now run as family business with Steve recruiting his DJ son, Starling, to be a part of the management. In its original avatar, Hill Top was a small restaurant furnished with a few benches. Today, with its neon palm grove of glow-in-dark coconut trees, psychedelic art and its vast open playground for Goa's spanerse party goers, Hill Top is arguably Goa's most revered fixture of its still prevalent trance scene. The weekly Sunday parties (despite the strictly enforced 10pm curf), and Christmas & New Year marathons draw crowds from across the globe, to share what remains of Goa's subversive culture. Through the years, Hilltop has served as a platform to the world's biggest artists as well as fresh budding talents, playing a key formative role in the development of trance music and Goa nightlife culture in general.
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3pm onwards - Free Entry
On the 23rd January 2013, Hill Top will celebrate an impressive 30 years of unforgettable parties in Goa. To aptly commemorate its years of existence and unyielding commitment to Trance and party, Hill Top is hosting an Anniversary Party that will feature some of the top international DJs, and is inviting you to join in the fun for what promises to be the party of the season. Entrance is free!

  SONIC SPECIES (Alchemy Rec/Live)
Having performed at some of the most heavyweight international psychedelic events, UK DJ Sonic Species continues to storm dancefloors with dynamic and powerful live sets. FACEBOOK / MYSPACE
  ARJUNA (Parvati Rec/Live)
Himalayan born Arjuna has dedicated most of his time to develop and consolidate his own idea of psychedelic music. Now his sound is intense and groovy, a balanced combination of power and emotion. FACEBOOK / MYSPACE
  EARTHLING (Neurobiotic Rec/Live)
Earthling is the solo project of Dj Celli, an Ibiza native who has been involved in the Psychedelic trance scene since its beginnings in the early 90s. Following over 90 tracks and 6 albums, Celli continues to bring his unique psychedelic sound to the dancefloor. FACEBOOK / MYSPACE
  NIGEL (Shiva Valley Rec)
Nigel has spent the last 15 years on the beaches of Goa and has been part of the music and culture there for the past decade. He single handedly promoted the free parties down on South Anjuna Beach and has made Shiva Valley a top musical destination for anyone who visits Goa. FACEBOOK
Image 330px x 140px   STARLING (Hilltop Rec)
DJ Starling aka WICKED CHAOS is an in-house DJ at Hilltop. Starling has recently released Hilltop's first VA compilation – "The Hilltop Chronicals Vol. 1" with international artists such as Orca/ Phatmatix/ Psymetrix/ Ajja/ Arjuna/ Rev/ Entropy and many more. FACEBOOK / MYSPACE / SOUNDCLOUD
Image 330px x 140px   XP (Goa Freaks Com)
XP is a Russian native, but has lived in Goa since 2000 and is the organizer of the biggest trance events, including Hill Top New Years festivals, Psychedelic World Wide gathering, Monkey Valley,etc. And from 2007 to 2012, DJ XP was the executive art-producer of West End club. FACEBOOK / XP VOODOO
Image 330px x 140px   1 EYED (Unknown Prod)
DJ 1Eyed is also known as Nelio, the name that he uses when working on progressive trance projects. Well known to the DJ circuit in Goa, 1 Eyed has recently joined the newly opened Bardo in Ashvem Beach as one of their resident DJs. FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD
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