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Zoori's Bar & Restaurant

North Anjuna

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One of the first foreign owned establishments located on North Anjuna’s beach strip, Zoori's Bar and Restaurant specialises in meat dishes and Mexican food. 

Patrons can enjoy snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner along with Indian or Italian coffees. Cocktails and other quenchers make for the perfect way to enjoy the spectacular sunset view from the restaurant, canopied by coconut trees, overlooking the rocky terraces and “wave breakers” from atop the natural cliff.


 Zoori’s Bar and Restaurant is inconspicuously tucked away off the main North Anjuna beach strip when arriving from Starco Junction. Modestly presented by it’s street view facade, the largely blue and white Mediterranean like interior sparks ignition for the senses.   

An inspiring energy comprises of majestic views of the spanning sea and rocky terraces along with walls laden with artwork, sounds of nature and eclectic genres of live and recorded music that escape from the Anjuna bustle, a fresh scent of the salty ocean, cocktails along with Mexican, Seafood, and meat grills to tantalise any tastebuds, and Zuri's (the owner) own charming touch.   

With access the the rocky terraces and wave breakers below where seating can be made available, sunset walks, fisherman, water sports and ships in the distance an are a common sight. Guests can enjoy a moment gazing into the natural forming rock pools whilst they wait for their meal. 


 With walls decorated by international artists, soft ambient lighting in the evening, and the natural surrounds of coconut trees set a top a cliff, Zoori’s is the place to dine in bliss. 

The restaurant at Zoori’s serves snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, specialising in Mexican, Seafood, and meat grills.

The bar serves up a variety of fresh juices, various brews of local Indian and imported Italian coffee, local and foreign liquor and cocktails that are as smooth as the sun sets into the Arabian sea. 

Guests can expect to pay an average INR 240 for a cocktail and INR 350 for a main. A daily buy two get one free special for cocktails runs between 17:30 and 19:30



   “Serving coffee to friends started it all.”  Zoori’s, opened officially in 1995 by owner Zuri, grew organically from a friendship circle into one of the most frequented hotspots. 

Having been closed for the last four years, Zuri and Zoori’s have returned for the 2014/15 season! 

The owner insists on “good vibes”. He ultimately wants people to come visit him, welcoming them into his home, sharing his space with open arms. 

From coffee to snacks, then adding food and drinks, Zuri says that the restaurant can become anything if that is what his friends desire.   


- Cliffside restuarant view
- Mexican, Seafood & meat dishes
- Breakfast, lunch & dinner
- Daily sunset drinks specials
- Speciality Itailian coffee
- Relaxing atmosphere  




Dmello Vaddo





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