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Saligao Stories


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Saligao Stories is a charming restaurant tucked in one of the nondescript bylanes in the village of Saligao. Anisha Hassan brings her family recipes of Hyderabadi cuisine, and Goan recipes of her own, to write chapters of a journey from Hyderabad to Goa!


Off a busy main road and a few meters inside a village, is the Arshekaniche Ghor (name of the house), decked in Portuguese yellow and white colours, accentuated with a distinctive street side sign. Set in this refurbished ancestral property, Saligao Stories evokes the vibe of yesteryears from your first step inside.

You will immediately notice the unconventional setting for a 'restaurant'; it feels more like you are entering someone's home. The restaurant is divided into several sections. The main dining area features a high ceiling, dark wood colonial-style furniture, and a piano. Adjacent to this, is the small lounge area showcasing paintings and photographs of local artists. Further ahead is the bar.

Across the bar is a colourful alfresco space with cane chairs and loungers, designed for casual conversations and private gatherings.

Throughout the beautiful space you will find the original altar and religious artifacts that have been retained; walls display photographs of the family and their ancestors, antiques and other paraphernalia special to the family that has lived in this beautiful home, over generations. As you move from one space to another there is lots to discover as Saligao Stories also houses a lifestyle boutique.


Saligao Stories serves authentic delicacies from Hyderabad in true Nawabi style. Home style Goan dishes and a wonderful offering of dishes with a Global accent. Their well curated menu prides in home-style heirloom recipes to entice the discerning diner.

There are the classics - Bibi Miriam ki Roti, Shikampur Kababs, Kachi Ghost Ki Biryani, Dum ka Murg, Haleem, Nehari, Khubani ka Meetha (if you tend toward the Hyderabadi section of the menu); Roasted Bombay Potatoes, Lamb Chops in a Rosemary Merlot Reduction, Oven Baked Red Snapper, Prawn Curry Rice, Balchao on Poi to name a few. Explore the rest of the menu with twists like Chorizo dip on Onion biscuit, Caramalised Cotton candy with Raspberry ice cream and more.

The bar presents a selection of interesting cocktails to complement your meal - the citrusy Smoke on the Water, and the classic Red Wine Sangria amongst others.


Saligao Stories also features a dedicated space for shopping to enrich your Goa experience. The boutique showcases fashion, accessories, linen and decor from local brands and craftsmen; including paintings and photographs of Goan artists. Pick your souvenirs and gifts, displayed seamlessly on antique furniture.


Anisha Hassan is a storyteller - be it her travels, a bon vivant lifestyle, being a legendary hostess or a chef par excellence; appreciating the finer things in life. She has gathered all that savior-faire and created an elegant restaurant, to welcome you home! With roots in Hyderabad, growing up in Delhi and life in Goa, she brings together chapters from her journey into Saligao Stories. From hosting friends and family at her ancestral home, who were smitten by her authentic delicacies, and cooking recipes handed down generations, she has now turned her love for good food into an intimate dining experience. Each of the dishes on her menu carries a memory or holds a special place in her heart.

Siddharth Hegde spearheads the kitchen and operations at Saligao Stories. With stints at Woodside in Colaba and Barrels & Bones in Fontainhas, over the past few years, Siddharth, along with his team, including Aaron Sharma, translate Anisha's endeavour generously to share the same warmth which you would enjoy at a friend's place.


  • A culinary journey from Hyderabad to Goa
  • Home cooked recipes
  • Classic decor
  • Ancestral setting
  • Fashion & lifestyle boutique
  • Art by local artists




3/33, Muddavado
Goa 403 511


+91 8554833889


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